Nicki - Weil i immer no an Engerl glaub
Nemesea - Angel in the Dark

I walk in the darkness and I see my Angel who walks with me,
As pure as the Light he is the Morning Star.
The one who saved my Soul from and everlasting Death.
And took me onto that Path where I continue to walk.
The Streets are my Home and forever I will walk Them.
For I fear not what lies in the Dark, for within there is a Light that Burns the Brightest and he is my Angel in the Dark.
The Angel with My Soul. There in the Darkest Streets you'll Find Me
Martina vom Hövel :Der Engel an deiner Seite
Calling All Angels - Jane Siberry
Aviators - Angel of the Dark
Pippo Pollina & Linard Bardill - Siamo angeli
Sarah McLachlan - In the arms of an angel
Kurt Ostbahn & Die Kombo 57 Engeln
Joachim Witt - Gloria
Maria Callas:Angele Dei(La Gioconda)
Thomas Busse:"You are the Angel of my heart"
R.Armando Morabito: Angel