[size=150][b]I enjoy Music from All Directions.

Ja, natürlich einige, die ich lieber über andere. Jedoch genieße ich die Mischung so kann ich wachsen und nicht in die Furche fallen 'The Same Old Thing'!
Auf diese Weise die, die ich mehr genießen sind noch besser als ich nach Hause zu ihnen zurückkehren.!! Yes, of course some I prefer over others. However, I enjoy the mixture so I may grow and not fall into the rut "The Same Old Thing" ! In this way the Ones I enjoy more are even better when I return Home to Them.

Also, bitte 'One und All' Beitrag von mir, bis Ihre Seele Herz glüht und Ihre Passions leuchten !! So, Please 'One and All' post by me until your Soul & Heart is glowing and your Passions are Glowing.[/b][/size]

Und was besseres Lied zu 'kick-off' diese Idee ich habe, und tun Sie es in Ihrer Muttersprache haben? And what better song to 'kick off' this idea I have and do you have it in your Mother Language ?

The Beatles - With A Little Help From My Friend LIVE ( Rare Color Ringo Starr Sing )
And to think we Americans think We are the inventors, what a Joke we fell a sleep, and here we can see the Deutsch are still Wide A Wake ! Who would have ever thought of combining Medal & a Orchestra together !
So, here is the hurricane 2000,wow,so many Berline Orchestral instruments
A Little Girl Gives Coins To A Street Musician And Gets The Best Surprise In Return:
There so very many wonders on this Mother Earth, ones that are often beyond our believe:
Nobuyuki Tsujii 2 and 7mos years old (1991)

See, what has become of this Young Child:
Nobuyuki Tsujii Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No1-1
Donna Donna by Joan Baez

Nehama Hendel - Dona Dona (1965) ;נחמה הנדל: דונה דונה

Balkan Klezmer&Gipsy Express_Preludio,Dona Dona (Yiddish)
don't sleep away - daniel sahuleka
danke dir, ein tolles lied, ich habs dann auch von der joan baez gehört, ja, sie meinte ich